Tatiana Svrckova Larsen
Video Installation
This piece is partially documenting my daily life experiences in Columbus, Ohio. I am walking through environments that are different than the environments in Slovakia, the country of my origin. The Ohio landscape somehow became a part of my daily routine, after living here for almost a year. I try to to draw the environment around me: people, buildings, objects, attempting to capture the diverse experiences that I have here when I walk on my daily path. These drawings can also be seen as extended landscapes. “Maps facilitate our access to the life-world of action (by literally guiding the action), whereas landscape painting aid in contemplating the surrounding world (contemplation is itself an action, but one that lacks a practical intentionality). Once maps are seen, they direct the movement of the whole body as it makes its way to the place on the map that is its destination.” (Edward S. Casey, 2002).
The path being drawn is simultaneously recorded by a video camera. My drawing is selective, it only captures a portion of the information that surrounds me every day. I am interested in the contrast of the information provided by the drawing and the video I record. Our ability to pay attention to details as well as remembering everything around us is limited. The spaces that we find ourselves in on daily basis are seemingly blank, because we are not able to remember everything that we see. “Many geographers and psychologists have argued that we are all surveyors in our everyday lives, and that we use our bodies, as the surveyor uses his instruments, to obtain data from multiple points of observation that are then passed to the mind, and from which it assembles a comprehensive representation of the world - the so-called map” (Tim Ingold, 2007).
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