Tatiana Svrckova Larsen
For many years, and a large part of my childhood, my parents owned a small store in our village selling carpets and fabric. Sometimes they took the large carpets out of the store and laid them on lawn in front of our house in order for the customers to see the true colors of the carpet. Familiarity with this material inspired me to use it project called Coherence, where I covered potholes of unmaintained street in Columbus, Ohio with pink and blue carpet. I am interested in the idea of camouflaging the rough surface, uneven path, and seemingly fixing it by filling it with soft pastel colored material. Carpet is an indoor element taken into outdoor environment. It is a covering material, therefore it can have a function of masking or camouflaging an area, filling in the holes. This soft object is used out of its context in a situation where its functionality is significantly altered.