Tatiana Svrckova Larsen
Purity 2Purity 2
Purity 2
Purity 2 is a sculptural object intended to use for performative action. The original purpose of the broom is to be used for cleaning, sweeping dirt from the surfaces that we walk on. This domestic object is seen as an attribute mostly belonging to hands of a woman, therefore this object can be seen as universal portraiture of female gender. The broom is made out of white soft fragile unfired clay referring to fragility of women in our society. The white color used symbolizes purity, but instead of cleaning and leaving a clear “pure” space behind, the object makes white marks on the surface of the floor. This seemingly passive feminine ordinary process of cleaning turns into a violent act of destruction. The broom completely deteriorates and falls apart. The act of sweeping is often seen an ordinary invisible labor of women. When things are clean on the surface, one doesn’t think about the labor and great effort that came into this state. When the sculptural object deteriorates and leaves fractured small pieces of clay and powder behind, this invisible labor becomes suddenly visible. At the beginning we can see the wholeness of the broom that later dissolves into a unrecognizable form. This object negates it’s original purpose and does opposite of what it has originally intended.