Tatiana Svrckova Larsen
Reminiscence, Performance/Installation, 2014 Everything an artist does revolves around her studio. While traveling through Europe the artist had with her a scale replica of her studio that she carried with her throughout her entire two-month stay. The tent was set up in locations across Poland, England, Slovakia, and Austria. Each place had meaning for the artist or was given meaning by the artist’s presence. From the four sides of her tent-studio she recorded videos of her surroundings. Upon her return, the tent-studio was set up with projections of her experience playing on all four sides. One may step inside to view the places the artist found important, or walk around the outside and see the cube of changing scenes. The documentation of this piece is multileveled with the first level being the still images of the artist carrying her tent-studio on her back throughout Europe. The second level of documentation is the video taken from the four sides of the erect studio. The third level of documentation is that of the videos being simultaneously projected back on to the tent-studio within the gallery from all four sides. Of Particular importance in this piece is the artist’s connection to the places she went. She hadn’t been home to her country of Slovakia in over five years and wanted to revisit many of the places that had meaning in her past. She could then take those memories back with her to America and in her studio, share a sense of home with her audience.